Deaf Smith Collection

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    The Statewide Outreach Center (SOC) at Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) is proud to announce the Deaf Smith Collection: a collection of lesson plans, videos, and resources focusing on Erastus "Deaf" Smith, a famous hero of the Texas Revolution.

    This collection will be a valuable learning tool for Deaf students, ASL classes, interpreter training programs, and other schools and programs.  It may be of particular interest to 4th and 7th-grade teachers of Texas history.  This collection was developed, assembled, and edited by Dr. Steve Baldwin, a retired educator, and author who taught at TSD and Denton’s Regional Day School Program for the Deaf. 

    We hope you enjoy the Deaf Smith Collection that is outlined for you below.

    Lesson 1: "Deaf Smith: The Great Texian Scout" videos of the stage performance

    • Teacher's Guide, associated TEKS, and selected vocabulary
    • Playbill
    • Additional Resource - Deaf Smith PowerPoint by Grant Laird, Jr.
    • Videos of the performance in seven segments with captions

    Lesson 2: "If Only This Tree Could Talk" presentation

    • Teacher's Guide, associated TEKS, and selected vocabulary
    • Video "If Only This Tree Could Talk" as performed by Miss Deaf Texas - Serecia Jackerson

    Lesson 3: The Legacy of Deaf Smith: Famed Soldier, Spy, & Scout of the Texas Revolution

    • Teacher's Guide and associated TEKS
    • Deaf Smith Monograph from the Deaf Texan 2012, Special Edition - The Legacy of Deaf Smith:  Famed Soldier, Spy, & Scout of Texas

    Collection of "Still Seeking Deaf Smith" series by Steve C. Baldwin, Ph.D.