• "While their parents are out for the evening, Judy and Peter Shepherd, after playing with some toys, become bored and don't know what to do so they go to the park. There they find a jungle adventure game called Jumanji, which seems to have been abandoned. They take Jumanji home and find a warning message: "Do not begin unless you intend to finish." They start playing, only to discover that the game is real: any dangers encountered in the game spring to life somewhere in the house." Wikipedia

    This unit has been developed with activities and worksheets that are aligned with the Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge for easy curriculum integration.  There is a video where the story is told in American Sign Langauge by Russell Harvard to help Deaf and Hard of Hearing students make better connections with the story and text to increase their literacy skills.


  • About the Author

    jumanji author img

    Length of Activity: 20 minutes
    Directions: Chris Van Allsburg is the author of many books, including Jumanji.  Use the internet to learn more about him and answer the questions.

    Character Changes

    jumanji character changes

    Length of Activity: 25 minutes
    Directions: Select two character traits that describe each Judy and Peter.  Find evidence to support your selection using the book.  Use the page number and write in complete sentences.

    Comprehension Game


    Length of Activity: 30 minutes
    Directions: Play the game Jumanji.  The first player to reach FINISH wins.

    Context Clues


    Length of Activity: 15 minutes
    Directions: Use contect clues from the sentences to write a definition for each of the underlined words.

    Continue The Story


    Length of Activity: 20 minutes
    Directions: At the end of the story Jumanki, Daniel and Walter picked up the game Jumanji in the park.  Daniel and Walter's mother mentioned that her sons do not read game instructions.  Imagine you are Chris Van Allsburg and continue writing Jumanji to include Daniel and Walter's experience.

    Diary Entry


    Length of Activity: 25 minutes
    Directions: Imagine that you are Judy or Peter, and you just finished playing the game Jumanji.  Write a diary entry sharing your experiences.  Use the graphic organizer first, then edit your work using the checklist and write your final copy.



    Length of Activity: 30 minutes
    Directions:  After reading the story, go through the book and select five words you are unfamiliar with.  Write them in the spaces provided.  Use a dictionary to find the definition that you feel best fits the word and write a sentence of your own using the word.

    Figurative Language


    Length of Actvity: 20 minutes
    Directions: Read the sentences from the story and explain what they mean by drawing a picture and using words.



    Length of Activity: 20 minutes
    Directions: Make four inferences while reading the book Jumanji. 



    Length of Activity: 30 minutes
    Directions: After reading, or the teacher reading, the first 2 pages of Jumanji, write how you predict the remainder of the story will unfold.  Be specific and use details.

    Spelling Edits


    Length of Activity: 15 minutes
    Directions: Each sentence has a word that is spelled incorrectly.  Underline the word that is incorrectly spelled and write the correct spelling on the line provided.



    Length of Activity: 25 minutes
    Directions: Write the events of the book Jumanji on the timeline in choronological order.  Your timeline should have a minimum of 8 events.

    Venn Diagram


    Length of Activity: 15 minutes
    Directions: Use the Venn Diagram to compare the book Jumanji and the movie Jumani to one another.

    Verb Tense


    Length of Activity: 15 minutes
    Directions: Correct the verbs in the story.