General Information

  • Hands & Voices answers the following common questions regarding Hearing Aids:

    • "What are the benefits of hearing aids?"
    • "What are the issues at the forefront of hearing aids?"
    • "What should ever parent or professional know about hearing aids?"
    • "Where else can I find information about hearing aids?"

    The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association discusses Children and Hearing Aids which includes information that answers questions such as:

    • "When can a child be fit with hearing aids?"
    • "Who pays for children's hearing aids?"
    • "What kind of hearing aids are best for children?"
    • "What is the responsibility of the school district when it comes to a student's hearing aids?"

    Healthy Hearing explains some of the advanced technology features in hearing aids including;

    • Access to High-Frequency Information
    • Hearing Aid Noise Reduction Technologies
    • Binaural Processing
    • Streaming Accessories
    • Digital Modulation (DM) Radio Frequency (RF) Systems
    • Waterproof/Water Resistant

    How Do They Work?

    National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders provides an explanation of "How Do Hearing Aids Work?". The following are a few sample questions addressed on their site:

    • "How can I find out if I need a hearing aid?"
    • "How can hearing aid help?"
    • "Which hearing aid would work best for me?"

    Types of Hearing Aids

    The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association provides information about different hearing aids.

    Traditional hearing aids

    Tips for Use

    Basic Tips for Infant Hearing Aid Use from Baby Hearing answers common questions related to hearing aids, including:

    • "How can I help prevent my child losing the hearing aids?"
    • "How do I take care of the hearing aids?"
    • "How can I keep the hearing aids on my child?"

    Care and Troubleshooting

    Hearing Aid Care an explanation from Raising Deaf Kids, includes:

    • general hearing aid tips
    • earmolds
    • hearing aid tubing
    • why the hearing aid might make noises
    • what to do when the hearing aid doesn't work

    Care and Troubleshooting of Hearing Aids PDF from Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Metro in Minnesota includes information on:

    • watching out for: moisture; temperature; knocks, shocks, and sports; cosmetics; animals; and batteries
    • troubleshooting scenarios and tips

    Where Can I Donate Used Hearing Aids?

    Texas Lions Recycling Project accepts them! Please mail the used hearing aids to:

    2550 Flynt Avenue
    Midland, TX 79701