General Information

  • General Information

    Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center provides information about Cochlear Implants that explains the following information:

    • cochlear implantHow cochlear implants work
    • Types of cochlear implants
    • What cochlear implants sound like
    • The Cochlear Implant Process: Part One
      • The Cochlear Implant Team
      • The Case History
      • Audiometric Testing
      • Device Counseling
      • Speech and Language Evaluation
      • Educational Evaluation
      • Medical Evaluation
      • Consultation With a Social Worker or Psychologist
      • Surgery
      • Postoperative Procedures
    • The Cochlear Implant Process: Part Two
      • Initial Hook-Up
      • The "Mapping" Session
      • Pitch Perception
      • Loudness Level
      • Threshold and Sound Quality
      • Map Generation
      • Deactivating Implant Channels
      • Mapping Strategies
      • Adjusting the Map
    • The Cochlear Implant Process: Part Three
      • Dispels common myths about the cochlear implant process

    National Institue on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders discusses Cochlear Implants by addressing the following common questions and more:

    • "What is a cochlear implant?"
    • "How does a cochlear implant works?"
    • "Who gets cochlear implants?"

    Hands & Voices answers examples of the following common questions regarding :

    • "What issues at the forefront of cochlear implantation?"
    • "What should every parent or professional know about cochlear implants?"
    • "Where else can I find information about cochlear implants?"

    The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association provides information on Cochlear Implants that includes answers to the following questions and more:

    • "How does a cochlear implant work?"
    • "Where does one receive a cochlear implant?"
    • "What is the process?"

    The Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center offers several resources under Students with Cochlear Implants: Guidelines for Educational Planning.  Included are:

    • Student Backgroud Summary
    • School-based Language Competency Checklists
    • Team Discussion Tool and Team Summary Sheet
    • Seven appendices to support the educational planning process

    The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders' section on Cochlear Implants answers a variety of questions related to cochlear implants, including the the following:

    • "How does someone receive a cochlear implant?"
    • "What does the future hold for cochlear implants?"
    • "Where can I get additional information?"

    Children with Cochlear Implants Who Sign: Guidelines for Transitioning to Oral Education or a Mainstream Setting
    PDF - from the Boston Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration explains "What Educators Need to Know" about cochlear implants.

    John Hopkins Listening Center answers some Frequently Asked Questions.