Telecommunication Devices

  • Amplified Ringers

    Amplified ringers attach to phones to increase the volume of the ringer. Apps are available to increase the volume of the ringer on mobile phones.

    Amplified Telephone

    Amplified telephones have built-in amplifiers, usually with adjustable volume controls and ringers. Apps are also available to increase the volume of the mobile phone speaker.

    Captioned Telephone

    A captioned telephone is used by people who can use their own voice to communicate. It has a built-in screen to display captions of everything the other person on the call says. Captioned phones go through a captioning service to assure the quality of the captioning. Captioned telephone services can also be accessed through a web browser or mobile phone app. Some companies that offer captioned telephone services include:

    Video Communication

    Computer-to-computer video uses a webcam and requires the use of a software application (often free) such as:

    Video Phone

    A video phone has a video screen so that people can see each other as they talk. This allows two people who use sign language to communicate directly. A video phone can also be used to access Video Relay Service (VRS).

    Video Relay Service (VRS)

    Video Relay Service (VRS) provides a sign language based relay service for videophones and computer based video programs. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) provides information on Video Relay Service (VRS) including how VRS works and how to file a complaint. Listed below are a few of the current VRS providers:

    Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP) Devices

    The Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP) is a State of Texas program that provides vouchers for telecommunication equipment. You should consider your choice of equipment carefully because an individual must wait five years before applying for a new voucher.