• Assessments are a routine part of educational placement and programming. Results from assessments provide a snapshot of a student’s progress in academic development and language acquisition. The data guides students, parents, and professionals in making informed decisions about the child’s IEP. The ARD committee may review data from the following assessments: 

    • Statewide assessments 
    • Classroom assessments
    • School assessments
    • District assessments 
    • Specialized assessments

    Most assessments evaluate English language acquisition or proficiency, whereas specialized assessments evaluate American Sign Language acquisition, fingerspelling or speech development. 

    Measuring language acquisition in students who are deaf or hard of hearing is critical to tracking academic progress. Under Texas House Bill 548 (2019), the state established assessment tools and ways to collect language acquisition data to ensure that students who are deaf or hard of hearing, from birth to the age of eight, are acquiring language at the same rate as their peers. 

    Students, parents, and professionals can request additional assessments at any time by contacting their school or program and requesting an ARD.

    Assessment Resources: