Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Programs

    • An infant with a hearing loss may be eligible for services from early childhood intervention (ECI) programs.
    • ECI works with a team to determine what services are needed. The ECI team includes:
      • family
      • teacher of the deaf or hard of hearing
      • other specialists
    • Together the team develops an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP).
    • If a child is identified with a hearing loss at any time during the first 3 years, these same services are available.

    Services Ages 0-3

    Early Learning Guidelines Ages 0-3

    • Texas Early Learning Pathways - Texas Infant, Toddler, and Three-Year-Old Early Learning Guidelines, a birth to age 5 "pathway of child development" that is aligned with the Texas Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines; from the Texas Early Learning Council

    Continuing Services

    • Before the child turns 3, the IFSP team, including the parents, will create another plan to transition the child from early intervention services to services for children age 3 to 21.
    • Beyond ECI  PDF - explains this process
    • The services for deaf or hard of hearing children are covered by special education law that is referred to as IDEA Part C for children ages 0-3 and IDEA Part B for students ages 3-21.  Because of the different parts of the law and the age groups they cover, parents may find they need support as they enter a new and different system. 
    • Education Service Center Region 20 has list of resources for Students age 3 - 5.