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Regional Day School Program for the Deaf Locator

  • Thank you for visiting the Regional Day School Program for the Deaf (RDSPD) Locator.  You can select from any of the criteria below to search for which RDSPD serves a particular district or charter, which districts or charters belong to an RDSPD Shared Service Arrangement, and which RDSPDs are located in each ESC Region.  Use the search field to search by a key word.
    Please note that some districts and charters belong to SSAs with more than one RDSPD. There are also multiple districts with the same name; the district numbers have been provided for clarification.
    Use the arrows above or below the district information to move between RDSPDs, or use the filters to search. To print the search results click on the three dots next to the filters and select "print." The information will open in a separate window.