Charlotte's Web: Chapter 1

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    There was a new litter of pigs at the Arable’s Farm. The smallest pig in the litter is called a runt. Mr. Arable was going to kill the runt with an ax but Fern stopped him. Mr. Arable brought the pig into the house and had Fern keep him in a box. Fern fed the pig from a baby bottle and named him Wilbur. 

  • Teaser Video:

    Introduces the chapter, but leaves a “cliff hanger” at the end to entice students to read the chapter independently.

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  • Discussion Video:

    Poses the question “If you see something happening in the world that you would like to change, what would you do? Give me some examples.”

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    Worksheet: Chapter 1 Questions

    chapter questions

    Provides comprehension questions to check for understanding post-reading and/or class discussion.
    Time To Complete: 20 minutes, approximately 

    PowerPoint: Chapter 1 Vocabulary

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    Charlotte's Web Vocabulary First Slide

    Intended for use by individual students, but may be used for whole group instruction.
    It may also be used with the 4 Square Word Boxes Worksheet.