Charlotte's Web: Chapter 5

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    Wilbur looked all over for his new friend. The new friend was a spider and she said her name was Charlotte. Charlotte eats bugs and Wilbur didn’t like that. Charlotte says, “Salutations.“ Salutations is another way to say hello. Wilbur was happy to have a new friend.

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    Introduces the chapter, but leaves a “cliff hanger” at the end to entice students to desire to read the chapter independently.

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  • Discussion Video:

    Poses the question “Do you have a best friend? What are some things that can sometimes concern you regarding a friend?”

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    Worksheet: Chapter 5 Questions

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    Provides comprehension questions to check for understanding post-reading and/or class discussion.
    Time To Complete: 20 minutes, approximately

    PowerPoint: Chapter 5 Vocabulary

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    Intended for use by individual students, but may be used for whole group instruction.
    It may also be used with the 4 Square Word Boxes Worksheet.