Tracking Texas Legislation

  • It can be helpful to follow legislative activity in Texas as a means to maintain knowledge of bills and rules that may impact children who are deaf and hard of hearing. Legislative activity can be tracked using the Texas Legislature Online-Bill Search.

    Some tips for using the Bill Search are provided below:

    • Search results are based on legislative years. To search past bills, choose a past year from the Legislature field. See the photo below.

    Texas Legislature Online Bill Search, with a drop down of years under Legislature field.
    • If you are familiar with a bill, fill out as much information as you can to reduce browsing time.

    • If you are not familiar with a bill or are just looking for bills relating to the deaf and hard of hearing people group, you would need to use a combination of terms or try different terms. Terms are often used interchangeably or with a specific intention, depending on the author(s) of the bill. We recommend searching with the following terms:
      • deaf
      • Deaf
      • Hard of hearing
      • Hearing impaired
      • Hearing loss
      • Hearing impairment
      • Hearing disability

    Creating an account with MyTLO is the most effective way to save your search and monitor bill activity. It is free to anyone who registers.

    Texas Legislature Online Bill Search Page