Freckle Juice: Extension Activities

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    Fact vs. Opinion

    Freckle Juice worksheet Fact vs Opinion
    Length of Activity: 20 minutes
    This activity was designed to help address TEKs in which students must identify if a statement is a fact or if it is an opinion.

    Guided Reading Lesson Plan

    Length of Activity: depends on how the lesson plan is used
    This is a unit that was developed for teachers to use in conjunction with the text.  Use all or portions of this lesson plan as needed to assist in your instruction.


    Order of Events

    Freckle Juice worksheet order of events

    Length of Activity:
    20 minutes
    This worksheet was created for students to practice putting the events from the story in the correct order.

    Venn Diagram

    Freckle Juice worksheet venn diagram

    Length of Activity: 30 minutes
    This will help students when comparing Andrew's class and the individual student's class.


    Word/Vocabulary Study cards

    Freckle Juice worksheet

    Length of Activity:
    20 minutes
    These cards are designed as a way for students to study various vocabulary words that they learn from the text they are reading.

    Comprehension Worksheet

    Freckle Juice worksheet Questions

    Length of Activty: 10 minutes
    This worksheet is a basic set of comprehension questions.

    Who Said That
    Who Said That?
    This is a worksheet from help assess whether students are able to identify which character made various statements or did certain things.