Number the Stars Chapter 2

  • In chapter 2 we read about Annemarie telling Kirsti a story as they were going to bed.  Annemarie remembers her older sister, Lise. Use the videos and activities included here to give your students greater access to curriculum that meets state standards, yet are accessible to students who may need some adapted materials.

    Chapter 2 Teaser Video

    Length of Video: 0:53
    Text Transcript

    Chapter 2 Discussion Question

    Length of Video: 0:30
    This video leads students to discuss why children would be able to be happy during times of war when they had little food and clothing.

    Chapter 2 Lesson Plans

    Use these lesson plans to help guide you as you do the Chapter 1 videos and activities included here.  

    Word Study

    Length of Activity: 20 minutes

    Use this activity to review words that arise in the story in which students may need the practice to acquire.

    Reading Comprehension Worksheet

    Length of Activity: 20 minutes

    Use this worksheet to assess student understanding of Chapter 2 material to look for areas that may need to be reinforced or retaught.

    Using Flashback Graphic Organizer

    Length of Activity: 30 minutes

    Use this worksheet to help students understand how flashback is used in this story.  Here are the instructions for this activity.

    Chapter 2 Quiz

    Length of Activity: 30 minutes

    Use this quiz to assess student understanding after instruction is completed.