Number the Stars Chapter 3

  • In Chapter 3 we read that some time has passed and it is getting closer to winter.  We learn of the Hirsch family store and what has happened to it. Use the videos and activities included here to give your students greater access to curriculum that meets state standards, yet are accessible to students who may need some adapted materials.

    Chapter 3 Teaser Video

    Length of Video: 0:39
    Text Transcript

    Chapter 3 Discussion Question

    Length of Video: 0:25

    This video discusses the idea of a business that closes and it's impact on those around it.  

    Chapter 3 Lesson Plan

    Use these lesson plans to help guide you as you do the Chapter 1 videos and activities included here.  

    Chapter 3 Reading Comprehension Questions

    Length of Activity: 20 minutes

    Use this worksheet to assess student understanding of Chapter 3 material to look for areas that may need to be reinforced or retaught.

    Chapter 3 - Similes

    Length of Activity: 20 minutes