Number the Stars Chapter 4

  • In this chapter, we read about Kirsti getting some new shoes, but not liking them very much. Use the videos and activities included here to give your students greater access to curriculum that meets state standards, yet are accessible to students who may need some adapted materials.

    Chapter 4 Teaser Video

    Length of Video: 0:43
    Text Transcript

    Chapter 4 Discussion Video

    Length of Video: 0:27
    This video discusses the idea of kids picking on another child who may not have nice clothes and how you would respond to seeing that happen.

    Chapter 4 Lesson Plans

    Use these lesson plans to help guide you as you do the Chapter 1 videos and activities included here.  

    Chapter 4 Notetaking Chart

    Length of Activity: 20 minutes

    Chapter 4 Reading Comprehension Questions

    Length of Activity: 25 minutes

    Use this worksheet to assess student understanding of Chapter 4 material to look for areas that may need to be reinforced or retaught.

    Chapter 4 Suspense Activity

    Length of Activity: 15 minutes

    This activity will help students look at how writers use suspense to keep the reader interested in the story.

    Chapter 4 T-Chart

    Length of Activity: 20 minutes

    Chapter 4 Word Study

    Length of Activity: 30 minutes

    This word study will help students look more closely at words that they read in the text.