The Napping House: Augmented Reality Lesson

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    This portion of The Napping House unit has been developed with AugThat to provide a more in-depth experience for students.  Please use the instructions provided to download the AugThat App on iOS or Android and have students scan the targets that have been provided for a more rich educational journey as they read The Napping House.

    Lesson Plan for Augmented Materials

    Lesson Plan
    These lesson plans were designed to assist teachers in using the augmented materials with their students.  

    Story Targets

    To Use: Download and print this document.  Each image will take you to a different place in the story, The Napping House.  If you prefer to download the document and simply display it on the board, the targets can be scanned that way as well.  

    An Idea: If you own the book, The Napping House, print this document and cut out each image.  On the corresponding page of the book, paste this image.  Then, as students are reading, if they struggle to understand a section of the book, they can scan the target (image) and it will take them to the video in which the story is being signed.

    3D and 360 Targets

    To Use: Download and print this document.  The pictures of the dog, flea, cat, mouse and house will pull up a 3D image of the corresponding animal or object. 

    Vocabulary Targets

    To Use: Download and print this document.  The targets (images) on this document will take you to corresponding videos where explanations of various vocabulary words are done in American Sign Language.  This can be done as a group, or individually.

    An Idea: If you own The Napping House, place these images on pages with words that correspond to the letter or word on the image.  Students can then scan those images with the AugThat app to see videos where the word is explained or examples are shown.


    Scroll down to see the 360 and 3D images, story images, and vocabulary images. If you would like to download the individual images used for targets, right-click on the image and select "save image as".