Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Section 3

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    Section 3 - Chapter 6

    In this section, we learn about Dr. Jekyll spending more time with his friends. Mr. Utterson speaks with Dr. Jekyll about Mr. Hyde.  Use the videos, worksheets and activities included here to give students greater access to the material they read.

    Section 3 Video

    This video gives a complete summary of the section.

    Length of Video: 1:01
    Text Transcript
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    Section 3 Discussion Question

    Length of Video: 0:29
    This video questions the idea of a person being in a great mood one day, and suddenly changing moods the following day.

    Chapter 6 Teaser Video

    Length of Video: 0:48
    This video is a teaser of things to come in chapter 6.  The idea is for students to be drawn into the story and then asked to go and read the chapter for themselves.

    Section 3 - Chapter 6 Questions
    The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde Chapter Worksheet

    Length of Activity: 20 minutes