To Kill a Mockingbird - Meet Your Storyteller

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    Twyla - To Kill A Mockingbird Storyteller

    My Bio: 
    I have been a Deaf Educator for almost 19 years. I have spent the majority of my career working at the Texas School for the Deaf, but also have experience teaching at Baylor University, teaching High School ASL in Round Rock ISD and working as a Deaf Ed teacher for Leander ISD. I am also certified as a Master level BEI interpreter for the Deaf.

    I really enjoy a wide variety of activities. I love spending time with my family and taking trips to various places. We often travel places on our motorcycles which I very much enjoy! I am an avid photographer and love to carry my camera places, just looking for that perfect picture!

    Fun Facts: Just a few years ago, I raced dirt bikes in motocross races. I also have 2 beautiful dogs named Milly and Molly. Milly is a poodle and Molly is a Chuhuahua.

    Favorite Books: I love a wide variety of books, so it's hard to name a few. I am honestly into whatever my students are into at the moment, so recently, The Hunger Games and the Divergent Series were good ones that I read. I read a book called "The Night Circus" that was very interesting and as you will learn as you read this current book, To Kill A Mockingbird is my all time favorite book, with a strong connection to Scout. I really enjoy her character and the way she looks at the world.

    Hobbies: As far as my hobbies go, I've already mentioned that I love photography, but to take that a step further, I'm a tech geek. I love anything that has to do with technology and using that technology in my everyday life. I always want to have the latest and greatest gadgets that come out. I am also very much into music. I play several different instruments and am involved with a band at my church. As previously mentioned, I love to read! I devour books and love that my son has the same passion for reading as I do!