To Kill a Mockingbird - Chapters 1-3

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    In this chapter, we learn a little history about the town of Maycomb, Alabama, and where the Finch family lives. We will learn about several characters who will appear throughout the story as well as begin to get a description of each of those characters as we begin to make connections with them.

    Text Teaser Video

    The video gives a brief synopsis of Chapters 1 - 3 without giving away too much information. Its intended purpose is to entice those watching into reading the chapters.
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    Chapters 1 - 3 Discussion Question

    This video guides students and teachers in a discussion of information from Chapters 1 - 3. It is intended to be used as a group, or it can be used for small group as well as individual use.

    Length of Video: 1:12 Seconds

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    Worksheet: Chapter Questions
    Chapter Worksheet

    Provides comprehension questions to check for understanding post-reading and/or class discussion.

    Time To Complete: 20 minutes, approximately

    Chapters Powerpoint

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    Chapters 1-3 pdf

    Provides a way to display the chapter text and use it for in-class discussion.

    Time To Complete: 20 minutes, approximately