Wonder - Part 1 Auggie

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    At the beginning of Part 1, Auggie is about to start fifth grade. This is the first time he will attend a regular school. Up until now, his mother has always homeschooled him. At first, Auggie does not want to go to a real school, and his dad agrees with him. His dad is worried that other children will bully Auggie. But Auggies mother says that she has taught Auggie as much as she can. Auggie's mother meets with the school principal. Auggie has to take an IQ test to be admitted to the school.

    Length of Video: 1:51
    Text Transcript

    Part 1 - Comprehension Check
    Chapter Worksheet Comprehension
    Length of Activity: 15 minutes

    Part 1 - Grammar
    Chapter Worksheet grammar

    Length of Activity: 20 minutes

    Part 1 - Vocabulary
    Chapter Worksheet vocab
    Length of Activity: 25 minutes

    Part 1 - Quiz
    Chapter Worksheet quiz
    Length of Activity: 15 minutes