Wonder - Part 2 Via

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    In Part 2, we get to see the story from Via's point of view. Via is Auggie's older sister. Via realizes that her parents give Auggie a lot of attention because of his special needs. She says she doesn't mind it, even though sometimes her own needs come second. Via doesn't remember life being any different, but she has seen photos from before Auggie was born, and she realizes that she got a lot of attention back then. This year, though, it looks like things might change.

    Length of Video: 2:26
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     Part 2 - Lesson Activity
    Chapter Worksheet activity
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    Part 2 - Comprehension Check
    Chapter Worksheet grammar
    Length of Activity: 15 minutes

    Part 2 - Grammar
    Chapter Worksheet grammar
    Length of Activity: 20 minutes

    Part 2 - Vocabulary
    Chapter Worksheet vocab
    Length of Activity: 25 minutes

    Part 2 - Quiz
    Chapter Worksheet quiz
    Length of Activity: 15 minutes