Wonder - Part 3 Summer

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    Part 3 is from Summer's point of view.  Summer eats lunch every day with Auggie.  At first, she ate with him because she felt sorry for him.  Now she still eats with him, not because she feels sorry for him, but because Auggie is fun to be around.  Summer and Auggie become good friends, even though the cool kids want her to stop hanging around Auggie. 

    Length of Video: 2:06
    Text Transcript

    Part 3 - Lesson Activity
    Chapter Worksheet activity
    This is for instructional purposes.

    Part 3 - Comprehension Check
    Chapter Worksheet
    Length of Activity: 20 minutes

    Part 3 - Grammar
    Chapter Worksheet grammar
    Length of Activity: 25 minutes

    Part 3 - Vocabulary
    Chapter Worksheet vocab
    Length of Activity: 20 minutes

    Part 3 - Quiz
    Chapter Worksheet quiz
    Length of Activity: 20 minutes