Wonderstruck - Meet Your Storytellers

  • Female student with glasses

    Clarissa - Wonderstruck Storyteller

    My Bio: I was born and raised by hearing parents and I have all hearing family members. I have two older half brothers and one little sister. I am 15 years old and am in the ninth grade at the Texas School for the Deaf.

    I really enjoy a wide variety of sports. I have played volleyball and am now a cheerleader. Next year, I plan to play basketball and I love to play a wide variety of sports. My favorite football team is the Saints!

    Fun Facts: I have met a few famous people. I met Ke$ha and Pitbull. In the 8th grade, I ran on the track team and we got first place overall, beating the other school districts. I ran the100 M and 200 M. I used to have a deaf Dalmation and I have touched the famous Chicago bean sculpture.

    Favorite Books: The Harry Potter series is my favorite!

    Favorite Movies: The Hunger Games. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

    Male student smiling

    Gareth - Wonderstruck Storyteller

    My Bio: I was born in Baltimore, MD. I was raised in Buda, TX., and have been a student at the Texas School for the Deaf my entire life. My mother and father are both Deaf. I have two brothers. One is nine years old and he is hearing. The other brother is a little baby and he is deaf. I am 14 years old and am in the ninth grade. My birthday is on December, 25th and yes, I am a Christmas baby!

    I play on the football team here at TSD. I play linebacker and running back on the varsity football team. I also play basketball and track.

    Favorite Books: I like the Harry Potter series and I enjoy reading Rick Riordan’s books – I met him once at Barnes and Noble.

    Fun Facts: I absolutely love the Dallas Cowboys. My favorite player is Dez Bryant. My second favorite player is Le’veon Bell with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Another fun fact is that I’ve been to more than 25 states. My favorite state is obviously Texas! Colorado is my second favorite because of its natural setting. I love the mountains and nature. There is not a lot of urbanization, so that’s nice.

    Favorite Movie: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is my favorite movie. It is a classic. I also like the movie, Fast and Furious.