Communication Skills Workshops

  • Types of Workshops Offered


    Workshop topics/activities include but are not limited to: 

    • ASL Grammar and Structure          CSW
    • Deaf Culture
    • Facial Grammar
    • Sign Language Games
    • CASE (Conceptually Accurate Signed English)     
    • Fingerspelling
    • Sign Vocabulary Building
    • Mouth Morphemes
    • Classifiers and Directionality
    • Number Incorporation
    • Conversational Strategies
    • Use of Space
    • Discourse Analysis
    • Deaf Humor                                                         
    • Idioms and ASL Phrases
    • Educational Vocabulary
    • Sight Translations
    • Code of Professional Conduct for Interpreters
    • Expressive Transliterating*
    • Expressive Interpreting*
    • BEI Basic and Advanced Evaluation Process*

    *offered only during interpreter workshops

    What to Expect at CSW

    CSW participants will be involved in 40+ hours of sign language activities. Because the workshop activities build on each other, certificates and CEUs will only be awarded to those attending all activities.

    Skill building activities will occur in

    • small group classroom instruction
    • large group settings

    While participants are required to attend all activities, and should be prepared to work hard, they can also anticipate having lots of fun! All full time instructors are D/deaf professionals or BEI Level IV, V or Masters certified interpreters.

    • CSW funding is provided through an IDEA-B discretionary grant through Educational Service Center 11 and program support from the Texas School for the Deaf.
    • Due to the grant requirements, only parents of deaf and hard of hearing children in early childhood through grade 12, those working with these children, or teaching American Sign Language will be accepted.
    • Participants are required to pay an $25.00 non-refundable fee for the workshop. (Do not send money until you have been accepted to the workshop.)