Deaflympics: Activities

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    Individual Activity: History of Deaflympics

    France gold medal winners

    Students skim the short article from for words in which they are unfamiliar: 

    Students use the internet to research the meaning of the word and the ASL sign for that word.  

    Click to access a PDF of the article.

    Optional vocabulary worksheet.   Key

    Students read the article and complete the worksheet:  History worksheet    Key

    Additional vocabulary activity:  Word Search


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    Individual or Paired Activity:  Deaflympic Team Introduction

    Deaflympic Team Introduction Rubric

    Assign a group or pair of students to research a team participating in the 2019 Winter Deaflympics (or 2015 Deaflympics, if the 2019 teams have not yet been announced.)

    Students use the template to create a presentation featuring members of the assigned team.

    Modification:  Assign a limit to the number of team members required.

    Template with picture placement.

    Click to download the PowerPoint template.


    Individual Digital Activity: Timeline

    Timeline Rubric

    Deaflympics Timeline

    Using, students create a timeline depicting memorable moments in the history of Deaflympics.


    Navigate to and create a free account.

    Conduct a search for "Timeline Infographic"

    Choose one of the templates and replace the template text.

    Download or share your design.


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