• Are you being safe and wearing a mask during these uncertain times?

    Here are some resources to help your students understand the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is different from the flu, how to keep themselves and others safe along with meanings of vocabulary words. All provided via video, captioning, and American Sign Language.

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  • Health, Science, Fine Art

    *This lesson plan can be adapted to any grade level.

    4th Grade

    One copy of "A Kids Book About Covid-19" for each student (printed or on device).

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  • Objective 1: Students will describe at least three differences between Covid-19 and the flu.

    Objective 2:
     Students will describe at least three ways to keep themselves and others safe during a pandemic.

    Objective 3:
     Students will learn meanings and signs for new words, the spelling of those words, and use their newly-acquired vocabulary as appropriate.

    Objective 4:
      Students will complete a safety poster fulfilling requirements to a minimum level of 3 out of 4 on the rubric.