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    In Texas, there is a growing number of deaf or hard of hearing Mexican-American/Latinx students. Many come from 
    Spanish-speaking families. The Statewide Outreach Center at Texas School for the Deaf (SOC at TSD) offers support, resources, and information in Spanish. We are always prepared to provide Spanish interpretation at events such as our Family Weekend Retreat.

    Our parent-to-parent program works with Texas Guide by Your Side to pair Spanish-speaking families with guides who are parents of deaf or hard of hearing children. We also have two parents support programs:

    • Deaf or hard of hearing role model
    • Deaf mentor 


    Families can benefit from Spanish-language digital resources about education, hearing loss, law, and technology. Additionally, families can subscribe to our Spanish language monthly newsletter 

    If further assistance or one-on-one support is needed, our staff is available to connect and provide specialized assistance in finding resources.