•  Spectrum - 2020 Summer Camps and Programs

    We have an update for you!

    We have extended our registration deadline to April 20th. We encourage you to go ahead and register your child.
    Our cashier office is open to accept payments on Mon, Wed, Fri 1-3pm. The office accepts payment through phone. The cashier office's phone number is 512-462-5368, VP: 512-256-4343. Also, the camp/program registration fee is 100% refundable until Monday, June 1st.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rachella Moore, Summer Camps & Programs Coordinator, anytime. 
    512-410-1174 (vp)

    Educational Resource Center on Deafness at the Texas School for the Deaf is excited to share with you about the new specialized camps & programs for summer 2020 available through our program!

    2020 Summer Camps and Programs Booklet

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    The Educational Resource Center on Deafness (ERCOD) at Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) has since 1982 hosted summer programs to serve deaf and hard of hearing students. Since that time, additional educational programs were added to parallel students' ambitious desires to continue to learn, grow, feel a sense of belonging, and inspire them to develop and expand their own interests, skills and hobbies.

    The Summer Programs at TSD, located in Austin, Texas, reflect our desire to meet the needs and interests of preschoolers through young adults who are deaf and hard of hearing in Texas.

    Summer Camps are recreational in nature, with goals of enhancing self-esteem and social skills, while Summer I Can! Programs are aspirational, designed to provide experience and instill foresight into our older participants so they are successful fledgling adults, encouraged to pursue their dreams.

    For more information, contact Rachella Moore, Summer Programs Coordinator:
    email icon rachella.moore@tsd.state.tx.us or 512-410-1174 (vp)