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  • Communication Skills Workshop (CSW) provides sign language skill improvement sessions in an immersive and interactive environment during one of its two 4-day workshops during the summer. 

    CSW participants will have the opportunity to:

    • Improve their expressive and receptive signed communication skills
    • Interact with deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing professionals 
    • Learn more about deaf culture and the deaf community
    • Be exposed to the difference between American Sign Language (ASL) and English Sign Systems 

    In both small-group classroom instruction and large-group settings, participants will find the topics and activities challenging and fun! Instructors are deaf and hard of hearing professionals or certified interpreters. Certified interpreters are highly qualified, holding BEI Level IV, V, or Masters certification.

  • CSW Schedule

    CSW is a four-day workshop with 15 sessions. Participants will be able to participate in all session topics, as well as large group sessions and social applications. Session topics and activities vary and may include, but are not limited to: 

    ASL Grammar and Structure

    Deaf Culture

    Facial Grammar

    Sign Language Games

    CASE (Conceptually Accurate
    Signed English)     


    Sign Vocabulary Building

    Mouth Morphemes

    Classifiers and Directionality

    Number Incorporation

    Conversational Strategies

    Use of Space

    Discourse Analysis

    Deaf Humor

    Idioms and ASL Phrases

    Educational Vocabulary

    Sight Translations

    Code of Professional Conduct for Interpreters


    Participants will take a self-assessment tool that helps determine placement for the sessions. Due to popular demand, evening activities including game night and Deaf Comedy Jam are returning to the schedule. View the example Schedule.
  • Workshop Participation

    Due to the grant requirements, CSW must prioritize Certified and Non-Certified Interpreters working in K-12 settings in Texas. Parents of deaf and hard of hearing children in K-12 settings in Texas, Deaf Education Teachers, Interpreter/Aides, and American Sign Language Teachers are welcome to apply with the understanding that topics will focus on educational interpreters.

    Participants are expected to attend and participate in all activities and workshops.