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    We want to support families in any way we can during these unpredictable and uncertain times.  Changes are being made to how birth to 3 services and supports are provided so that we can meet the needs of families with deaf or hard of hearing infants and toddlers across Texas.  Some of these changes are statewide and others are locally made decisions, but know that all of us in early intervention are in this with you.

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    Will I still be able to have birth to 3 services from my teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing (D/HH)?

    In most cases, yes.  Services will be offered through technology.  Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) calls this "telehealth."  D/HH home visits can happen through the computer, a smartphone, or the telephone.

    Will I still have D/HH services if the schools are closed?

    In most cases, yes.  Birth to 3 services are governed by ECI.  ECI programs and your D/HH teachers are working together to continue these services to the best of our abilities.  If you have any questions about your specific services, please contact your ECI service coordinator or your D/HH teacher directly.

    Am I required to have birth to 3 services right now?

    No.  If you want to reduce or temporarily stop your birth to 3 services, that is your right. Contact your ECI service coordinator or another member of your IFSP team to let them know if you want to change or temporarily stop your services.

    What if I stop services, but I have D/HH questions or needs?

    You can contact your birth to 3 D/HH teacher at any time to ask questions or to get feedback. You are not required to have formal services to talk to your D/HH teacher.  We are all here for you to support whatever you, your child, and your family need right now.

    Below is some of the information we have received from the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) and the Texas Education Agency (TEA):


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